5 Reasons
Why You Need Me

We see your non-profit as the outside world does. Our expertise and special skills can craft a plan, spark change, and yield positive results within budget.

  • Cost-effective tiered approach to fit most non-profit’s budget

  • Supplement Staff with project focused, result oriented products

  • Brings an Outside Perspective by knowing what to look for

  • Expertise & Special Skill Sets - 30 Yrs of public and non-profit management

  • Objectivity is my mission

More Reasons Why You Need Me

How Are Consultants Used?

Non-profits use consultants in various ways. Often we supplement staff by doing the work that they do not have the time to do. Sometimes we spark change, by bringing an outside view to a situation. Frequently, it is our expertise and special skill sets that are required to address a task or put a plan in motion. Consultants are a cost effective way of tackling hard issues and guaranteeing good results.

Addressing the Important Issues Takes Time

As a non-profit manager, I never had enough time in my day to do all the things I wanted or needed to do. This lack of time often meant that things that took big chunks of time got moved to the “back burner”. Visioning, organizational analysis, strategic plans became “academic exercises” replaced by my task driven to-do list. The inner me knew I needed these tools and that they would make my day to day easier but where do you find that time was my dilemma.  That is why, when I started this company, I focus on the importance of the fundamentals.

A clear vision, an understandable mission statement and an accurate assessment of the organization’s skill sets are the keys to success.

Telling a Fact Based Story Yields Positive Results

Let’s add to that list, relevant measures. So often we don’t really know if our efforts have their intended impact. If we don’t know, how can we convince a funder to give us more money? We have to crunch those numbers to tell a good story. This is a special skill that consultants can bring to a non-profit. A consultant sees your non-profit like the outside world does. Knowing how you are perceived is vital. Crafting the story is a process.

Learning and understanding the organization inside and out, finding who to tell your story to and when to tell it is where a consultant is a critical asset.

An Objective Bridge

Non-profits rely on volunteers to manage their business.  Occasionally the relationship between boards and the hired staff becomes strained.  Consultants provide an objective bridge in the governance structure.   Working with staff and answering directly to the board, a consultant can help identify problems, spark change, act as a strategy coach or mentor, and bring new life to a lack luster non-profit.

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